Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Rebel

Now I know what to do with that stack of promo tee-shirts collected during my years working in the music industry. Somehow too cool to get rid of, but too hideously ugly to wear even if they weren't all the default XL. London-based fashion designer Gary Harvey created this evening gown from 37 black logo tee-shirts—the kind you get at rock shows—cut up, hand stitched and turned into something no greasy haired, head-banger would be caught passed out in.

The tee-shirt dress is one of several clever, boundary pushing, eco-themed designs the former Creative Director of Levi’s Europe debuted at London’s Fashion Week.

Forty-two pairs of vintage Levi's 501s went into the making of this denim fetish gown.

The best use of Hawaiian shirts I've ever seen.

The Financial Times has never been called sexy before. Harvey used thirty copies to make this fragile frock.

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