Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Comcastic? I Think Not

The trouble with our 40-inch Sony Bravia HD television is there are only about seven HD channels. And the rest of the 483 channels look worse than Philo Farsnworth’s first attempts at image oscillation in 1927. I don’t blame Sony. They’ve made a wonderful piece of technology, and the flat screen with its museum quality frame hardly obscures the books hiding behind it. It’s Comcast I’m angry with. The supposedly HDMI set-top box they gave me looks and behaves remarkably like the analog box I had before. Except the fan is even louder.

“Nevermind that HDMI cable,” they told me. “You don’t need it.”

Comcast claims it will soon be upgrading all the cable in our neighborhood and then, even the analog stations will be as clear as a mountain stream. In the meantime, to avoid the annoying fuzz, I’ll watch absolutely anything in HD. I’ve recently been filling in the gaps in my knowledge of historic battles. And you have not seen “Orangutan Island” until you’ve seen it in HD.

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