Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tina Fey, Will You Be My New BFF?

When my best friends in high school decided to try out for cheerleading, I knew things were about to get ugly. But I wasn’t prepared for how ugly. It took about one day from the moment they saw their names on the squad list for them to decide they needed to rethink their social network. If we’d had cell phones then, I would have been purged from their Five. That’s when I started reading Ayn Rand and cutting my own hair. I might have been spared many embarrassing moments trying to prove I was a non-cheerleader by choice if I’d had a friend like Tina Fey.

Now that she’s responsible for one of television’s top-rated comedies with “30 Rock,” star of a No. 1 movie “Baby Mama,” not to mention former head writer of SNL, I guess we’re past the stage of getting together to watch “Love Boat” and eat Rocky Road straight from the carton. But, Tina, if you’re ever in San Francisco and just want to get together to play Scrabble and gloat over how much better our lives turned out than those of our former cheerleading friends (especially yours), I’m available. But not in a creepy, "I know your favorite color and your first pet’s name" kind of way. Just in an "I totally get sandwich day" kind of way. Call me.

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