Monday, October 29, 2007

Sony Puts The Ire In Smire

Sony has made every family vacation just a little more stressful with the introduction of a camera that refuses to shoot the damn picture until little Johnnie smiles. The Sony DSC-T70 and DSC-T200 Cyber-Shot cameras use smile recognition software to detect that most basic of human emotions. But can it tell if you’re faking it? And is there a special setting for shooting photos of Goth teens? How bout a device that forces your subject to smile? Some sort of electrode placed under the skin to deliver a mild sense of euphoria should the subject’s attention wander. Actually, didn’t I just read something about that in the latest issue of Vanity Fair? Jim Windolf’s article “Lazy-Ass Nation” (VF, Oct. 2007) includes a mention of just such a device created by Dr. Stuart Meloy of Winston-Salem, NC. Controlled via a wireless remote, the wonder jolt (hey, Dr. Meloy, there’s a great name for your new gizmo) apparently provides an effect similar to Cialis, but without the nasty side affects. Except possibly lung cancer from the inevitable rise in smoking.

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