Monday, October 29, 2007

Make Mime A Double

It’s fall, which means not only is it time to start bulking up for the long winter months, but it’s is also the end of the official season of the Mime. If you were not lucky enough to be in Périgueux, France during August for the International Contemporary Mime Festival, you may still be feeling the jones for some classic “trapped in a glass box” action. Though the deck chairs and iced lollies have been packed away, cold weather won’t be keeping the silent thesps from donning their tights when the 30th Annual London International Mime Festival kicks off January 12, 2008. Legendary master of the silent art Marcel Marceau, who died in September fearing for the future of the craft, would be relieved to know that there is a mime festival happening somewhere in the world just about every month of the year. Go mimers, go.

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