Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Good Stuff From Santa Barbara

Being from L.A. and now living in the SF bay area, we drive between the two frequently. And we always make sure to pull off in Santa Barbara for a bite at La Super-Rica on Milpas at Alphonse. It's not much to look at, but the constant line out the door confirms its awesome goodness.

Stop in for homemade tamales, fresh guacamole, and the best tacos anywhere. My son's favorite is No. 16, Super-Rica Especial, Roasted pasilla chile with cheese, marinated pork and fresh, homemade tortillas.

Don't expect to rush in and out of here. Plan to wait about twenty minutes in line and another twenty to get your food. Order the guacamole. You can have that right away and eat it while you wait.

Tortillas are in constant production at La Super-Rica.

No. 16, Super-Rica Especial with chicken. One of the reasons the Beastie Boys, and probably plenty of others, stop here on their way to play the Santa Barbara Bowl.

Walk it off with a stroll on the pier and the boardwalk.

Moments after this picture was taken, this guy started screaming at another person with a camera. I guess he's protecting a proprietary sandcastle building secret.

Cruising north on highway 101.

On my way into the bathroom at a Shell station in Buellton, a stranger in a red pick up asked if I liked jalapeƱos. What? Dude, get a better line. When I came out, he handed me a bag full of the most gorgeous peppers and a tip on how to cook them—stuff with cheese and chicken, wrap with bacon and put them on the grill. He didn't steer me wrong. Great stuff.

A nice way to end the summer.

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