Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baghdad Eye On The Tourist Coin

In a show of extreme optimism, Iraq’s tourism board has announced its plan to build a 650 foot tall Ferris wheel in Baghdad. The London Eye (pictured above) is a mere 443 feet tall. Iraq’s version would feature air-conditioned compartments large enough to carry 30 passengers each. Insurgents are readying their rocket launchers.

The Baghdad Eye, as it’s been dubbed, will provide sweeping views of the capital city. Those who make the complete revolution will be offered the opportunity purchase a souvenir photo. The families of the others, will receive complimentary Zip-loc baggies.

Iraq’s tourism board is also looking for bids on a proposed resort island on the beautiful Tigris River, which would feature a six-star hotel, spa, 18-hole golf course and country club. Start packing, bargain travelers.

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