Friday, July 11, 2008

Crazy, Sexy, Cool Limoncello

This time last year, I was enjoying the warm Umbrian sun, marveling at sweeping views of vineyards and sunflower fields, and discovering the joys of Limoncello. An Italian liqueur best enjoyed at the end of a great meal on a hot summer night in a setting like the one above, Limoncello is like neon sunshine in a glass, only ice cold. Served straight out of the freezer, it’s a refreshing little shot of contrast, sweet and tart, a little syrupy, slightly reminiscent of Lemonhead candy.
It’s quickly replacing Absinthe as the hip drink among the young, beautiful and willing to try anything. And for good reason. Limoncello is much tastier and won’t turn you into Edgar Allen Poe. It’s just a simple concoction of alcohol, lemon and sugar. And apparently very easy to make at home. I found this recipe that looks easy, but since it takes a week of steeping, I’ll have to post the results later.

Danny Devito is a big fan of the lemony potion as he proved in his infamous appearance on "The View" last year. He’s even launched his own brand of Limoncello. If this becomes a trend for celebrities to capitalize on their indiscretions by launching products based on their personal vices, can we expect to see a line of crack pipes from Amy Winehouse just in time for Christmas?

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Jessica, Italy Logue said...

Limoncello is super easy to make at home; the link you have above is for the photos of the process, but the actual recipe (with quantities & such) is here:

You can make it with any citrus fruit, although you'd have to adjust the number of (say) limes, oranges, or grapefruit because of the different sizes of the fruits. I made it with limes a couple weeks ago, and while it's quite good I think I still prefer the original. I've got to try orange next, though, as I've tasted some that a friend made and it was dee-lish!!

Good luck with your limoncello!