Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lash Lust

Is it the packaging that I love best, the thick orange tube that looks like I could use it to wave a 747 safely onto the tarmac? Is it the barrel-fat brush inside that promises to give my lashes more volume than a Marshall stack? Is it how fabulous Drew Barrymore looks in the commercials? Or the fact they can offer me so much drama and verve for under ten bucks? I have to say all of the above. I have never rushed out so fast to buy a product. When I got to Long’s and wandered into the cosmetic section, I had no problem spotting that orange road flare. And there was a Drew staring down at me from a well-placed piece of merchandising along with that exquisitely over-sized, fluorescent tube just daring me to choose anything less electric. How could I possibly say no?

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