Friday, November 13, 2009

With GoGirl, The World Is Your Toilet

Thank God, someone finally invented "a female urination device that lets you go anywhere." Because when you've had a tough day, and you find yourself sharing a warm 40-Ounce with some new hobo friends in an alley behind Starbucks, why shouldn't you be able to pee on the side of a dumpster like the guys?

"With a little practice, you can simply unzip your fly and go to the bathroom without having to remove your pants," says the copy on the artfully designed website. Isn't that what every modern woman dreams of?

It won't be long till every woman is carrying a reusable FUD in her purse and leaving her colleagues to wonder why does it smell vaguely like a parking garage stairwell every time Jane's around?

I can't take credit for the headline of this post, though it's something I'd love to have written. It's an actual line of copy from the GoGirl website, which encourages adventurous women to enjoy the convenience of peeing virtually anywhere, especially when visiting foreign countries whose bathroom facilities may not be up to your high standards. You've come a long way, baby.

Meet the GoGirls. They refuse to let the lack of a penis slow them down.

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