Friday, March 13, 2009

Yes We LepreCAN

The great potato famine, the IRA, Catholic guilt. The Irish know suffering. They also know celebrating. No need for a holiday, but they’ve thrown a few extra ones on the calendar just to be sure there’s sufficient time for all the pint raising.

In addition to the ones we're all familiar with, they take a smattering of bank holidays, six Mondays throughout the year. You can’t have too many three-day weekends. And, of course, there’s St. Patrick’s Day, in honor of Ireland's vanquisher of Pagans and snakes.

There were plenty of Pagans in Ireland pre-Patrick, but there were never any snakes. Nevermind. The Irish use embellishment like Americans use ketchup. Pour it on. Don’t be surprised when you hear that every person of any prominence in all of recorded history has at least some Irish heritage. Obama? Sure, his roots are Kenyan, but go back a little further and you find it’s the Irish that put the O in Obama.

Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day. We can look forward to a day of good beer, good tales, good fortune, good friends, perhaps even some good luck. And just in time because the world is seriously in need of a reason to celebrate. So thank you, Ireland. (Note to China, you are totally bumming our high right now.)

There’s still time to order up some holiday festive wear. Here are a few of my favorite choices available at and Enjoy.

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